• We know it seems counter-intuitive to wait to buy your entertainment tickets and tours until you arrive at your destination, but buying everything in advance puts you at risk as circumstances change.  It is not IF they change, but WHEN they change.  Don't risk purchasing tickets in advance! Attractions and most ticket outlets will not let you refund tickets/tours for any reason.  This is especially true as the attraction are insisting customers pick and lock in the exact day they want to attend.  Yikes, that is commitment most people should not make with so many variable out of their control.
  • Some situations we have seen that has cost our guests a lot of money are travel delays, bad weather, illness, losing or leaving their tickets at home or on the plan, and even changing their mind about what activities they want to do and on what date/day.  This can cost you and your family huge amounts of money.  
  • We offer the best priced tickets and exclusive offers right here in town when you are ready to go.  We put a little more control back to you to help you flex with your travel circumstances.
  • When an unforeseen emergency happens, we can help you recoup 80% of your ticket or tour purchased from us in most situations.  No attraction or ticket outlet will do this for you.  You will be at a 100% loss if you buy your tickets from the attractions or most ticket outlets.   If you buy from Us, we have a process in place (Refund Request) to ensure we refund your original tickets if they are still valid before refund is issue.  (see refund policy here).
  • Make your Disneyland Resort experience first stop on your So Cal vaction so you can visit us first and purchase all your other ticket/tour needs for Los Angeles and San Diego attractions at the same time.  We are conveniently and centrally located across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim California and Anaheim is located between Los Angeles and San Diego! (see map of resort here & see map of So Cal here).