Referral Rewards Program

What to do if I am not receiving program emails?

If you are having trouble receiving our emails, please check the following:

Possible Problems:

1) Do we have your correct email address?
2) If we have a company email address for you, your company server may be blocking our group emails.
3) Your personal email server may be sensitive to group emails and we are being blocked or sent to Spam.

Please complete one of the following that could easily solve the problems above:

1) Please check your Spam folder first. If you find our email, mark us as "Not Spam" and reply to it with a short message so we know you received it. This will trigger your email server that we are "OK" and not Spamming you with unwanted emails.

2) Add to your email contacts. This will familiarize your email server with our email address so it will not reject or Spam us.

3) If you have given us a company email address and suspect the company server blocks group emails, you can always email us with a different personal email address. We will update it promptly. Email us at:

We send a Points Update by 10am every Monday and Friday. Please contact us if you are still having trouble receiving our emails after completing one of the above actions. Our experience is that it is the group email we send each week that some servers reject.

No worries, we are always keeping track of your referrals regardless of whether you get your Point Update email.

Thank you.

Patrick Cleaver
System Administrator
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