US/WE/OUR represents Discount Tickets & Tours.

YOU/YOUR represents Referral Rewards Program participants.

RRP: Referral Rewards Program

We thank you for your interesting in enrolling in our Referral Rewards Program and are excited to partner with you to help you while you help others.  We will provide excellent customer service for your referred guests at all times.

This program is not an employment agreement.  It is a good-will cooperation between Discount Tickets & Tours and You to provide your guests the best discounts on needed services, ticket and tour products with a pleasant one-stop-shop purchasing experience.  The RRP is an "at-will" cooperation with no obligation on either side.  Our reward points are offered as a “Thank You” for your efforts in referring your guests to us. 


1.   All rules and terms can change without notice and participants are subject to new terms.

2. Not all referrals sent to us result in a purchase or points earned.  It is our goal to provide your
referred guests with the products and services they seek but we cannot guarantee they will make a
qualified purchase. 


3.   All correspondence will be sent to the email you used to enroll in the RRP program. 

4. Please take a few seconds to add us to your email contacts to ensure your Welcome Letter, Point Updates and Newsletters do not end up in your SPAM folder.  This tends to happen when a business email is provided.  You may want to provide us with a personal email account if you are having trouble receiving our emails.  WE NEVER give out your email to any third party.  It is used exclusively for our program purposes.  Thank you.

5. It is your responsibility to provide us with a valid email address at all times Email must be exclusively your own.  Email address can only be used for one person.  If email address is provided by your business, it must be a specific one for you and not a general address.

  • Not Acceptable > (ex: general business email)
  • Acceptable        >   (ex: business email)
                                or (ex: personal email)

6. It is your responsibility to update us if your email changes by replying to one of our emails (  We will update your information promptly. 


7.   Reward points are based on a percentage of our profit on qualifying items on sales from guests you refer to our business.

8.   Points accumulated are redeemed at a 1:1 ratio.  Each point is worth $1 to spend on any items in our stores.

9. Earned points will expire 30 days after participation in our reward program ceases.  See "Opt-Out" section for details.


10.  We cannot guarantee accurate tracking of your points without the following criteria met:

  • At the time of sale, the referred guest must, minimally, provide us with your first name and last name initial (in case another agent with the same first name works at your establishment) and hotel property or business name.  Handing out our marketing materials or referral cards with this pertinent information on it will aid in our accurate retrieval of your information so we may attribute the sale to you in our system.
  • Please write legibly on our marketing materials (very important).
  • Please let us know if you have a shortened version of your name you would like to use on your referral cards or marketing material.  If your enrollment name is "Michael" and you write "Mike" on your referral cards, they system may miss you.  The system searches only the unique combination of letters.  We need the exact name you will be writing on your referral cards.  You may enter this information on our website enrollment form or inform our Sales Representative (if/when you see him/her), or simply email us anytime (
  • We will do our very best to retrieve this information from the guest at each encounter by asking who referred them and collecting any referral cards.  Unfortunately, no physical descriptions can be accepted.  We must have your correct name.

11.  Be aware if there is anyone from your place of employment with a similar first or last name (or combination) and to clarify who you are on any referral card or marketing materials.


12.   Official picture ID must be presented to redeem points.

13.   Other people or family members may not redeem points for you. 

14   You may receive our regular customer discounts in addition to using your reward points to purchase the items in order to maximize your savings.

15. All items are limited to stock on hand, but we do a pretty darn good job of keeping healthy supplies of our most popular gift cards.  However, there may be occasion when we are waiting to replenish.


16.  You may Opt-Out of the program at any time by:


17.  You may be automatically purged from the RRP after 3 months of inactivity.  Inactivity is established when no referral guest has made a purchase that earns you points in the past 6 months.  You can reactivate your account at any time by notifying us through email ( or through our website's registration communication tool.

18.   Your earned reward points will be valid for up to 30 days after:

  • A) You are tagged as Inactive (Inactive status is deemed if your have not earned points for 3+ months).
  • B) You notify us of that your employment has ceased.
  • C) You notify us of your desire to terminate your participation.  
  • D) or you "unsubscribe" to one of our emails.

So make sure to come on in and redeem those points as soon as you can if you no longer participate in the program... 

Thank You

Patrick Cleaver
Sales Manager
Discount Tickets & Tours                                                                                                   3.2.17