Welcome Orange County Hotel/Property Font Desk & Concierge Staff,

This form is intended for use by Anaheim and surrounding area hotel/property staff who refer their guests to our stores in Anaheim (near Disneyland Resort).  

We hope you decide to participate in our Area Referral Rewards Program! We value your efforts in spreading the news about our one-stop-shop for great discounts and variety of attractions for your guests so we can reward and thank you! 

Please fill out this short form to enable us to enroll you into our program followed by details regarding the program.  We will begin tracking the purchases of the guests you send to our store while you earn reward points that continually accumulate. Your points can be redeemed in our store for various qualifying tickets, tours, restaurant gift cards, movie tickets…etc.).

Click here to review a an example of the selection of restaurant and retail gift cards available. We are always working to increase selection.

Please provide your email so we can send you regular updates on points earned as well as announcements about our seasonal specials/promotions. Your cell phone # is optional, however it will aid us if you need to be contacted by text.

Full terms & conditions are outline here

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