Discount Tickets &Tours Group Referral Rewards Program (GRRP):
Property Program Designated Manager Change Form

This form is intended for use by Anaheim and surrounding area hotel/properties who are already enrolled in our GRRP.  We will track your referred guest's sales and your group earns "Thank You" reward points available for redemption on anything we sell in our store and at your convenience. Redemptions can only be made by the Designated Manager for this program. 

In order to keep communication clear and efficient between Discount Tickets & Tours and GRRP participants, we request your complete this form.

Click here to review a sample of the some of the gift cards available for redemption in addition to all our other entertainment tickets and tours.  If you need a large quantity of a particular gift card, please contact Patrick Cleaver to check inventory levels.

Full terms & conditions are outline here

This is the new designated manager's name.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the RRP Rules & Disclaimers Policy document link below and I am authorized to take the title of Designated GRRP Manager for my hotel property. *